Electric bass VST: new techniques not showing up in the techniques list after install

I tried following the instructions for installing the Electric Bass VST (from the readme in the template download), but the new techniques (like slap or slap-pull) won’t show up in the list in the playing techniques panel (or the list of playback techniques).


The Electric bass VST is above Halion pro when making the new combined playback template. Looking at the track in Play mode, the VST seems to be loaded for the bass player, and the techniques also show up in the list of base and add-on switches in the expression maps library.

I don’t understand quite what is going on. Is there some additional steps i need to take in order to make this work?


I’ll need to ask John about this, since I haven’t ever used this playback template, but from a cursory examination of the playback template itself, it includes only one new playing techniques, for the text “Pick”; the expression map defines switches for a couple of other things, but no playing techniques have been added for them.

From John’s walkthrough, I got the impression that there were multiple (slap, slap-pull, mute, etc.), but that might just be me misunderstanding. I guess he is in a better position to clear this up, as you say.

If this turns out not to be included “in the package”, I’d be very interested to learn how to set it up in the fashion he did anyway.

This thread made me realize that I had that instrument, although I never used it yet. So I dived into this and I have a problem to program the natural and artificial harmonics. For a reason (I don’t know yet), Dorico does not recognize my artificial harmonics now that I have added the Natural harmonics playback technique in the expression map… @John_Barron_2 ?
Electric Bass.dorico (3.8 MB)

That’s a curious issue. For me, this is my very first “custom” instrument, so I have very little clue what I’m doing. Very interested in hearing what @John_Barron_2 did to make everything work (this was an element i felt was missing in his otherwise excellent stream).

I’ve tried to use this once more lately and I find some serious issues: when a note is tenuto, it triggers natural harmonics and only B E A D G are available ! so the playback is really messed up, with almost no bass left… Has anyone got that instrument? It seems it’s a good one, it would be really a nice addition to have a valid alternative to NP’s one…

Have you tried deactivating ghost notes in the interface of the VST? They kick in when the velocity of a note is below a certain (customisable) threshold. You can also adjust individual velocities in the piano reel.

Speaking of ghost notes: on my wish list for the electric bass VST in Dorico is an option to turn it on and off for sections of the score. Currently, mixing genres is a bit inconvenient, as whenever you put quiet dynamics in the bass, it tend to get below the velocity threshold (if a composer asked me to play a ghost whole note, is probably give them a very dumb look).

You think ghost notes is what is preventing artificial harmonics to work??? Well, I will try that but I highly doubt…

For me it was the logical thing that sprung to mind. I haven’t written harmonics for bass before (real men play real notes :wink: ), so not too familiar with the mechanics of it in Dorico.

Let me know if it works :slight_smile: