Electric Bass

Not seeing the playing techniques showing up in the playing techniques panel even after download and install

Download and install of what, may I ask? Is this a VST? That is unrelated to playing techniques. Give us some more information so we can help out.

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It’s a Steinberg VST instrument that has it’s own playback template done by a Dorico team member, The template is on the Dorico resources page. I’ve purchased the electric bass VST’i but can’t get the playback techniques to show up in the techniques panel. The video. on this template and several others, show that the techniques’. i.e., slap, s.p., etc. should show up in the technique’s panel on the right side of Dorico 4.


I’ve just checked and updated the playback template. Email me (j.barron at steinberg dot de) and I’ll send you a new version to try before I upload it to the site.


Thanks For your reply John. For some reason this e-mail doesn’t work on my phone or computers.
I’ll have to wait until you upload it to the site.
You guys are wonderful!

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I’ve already emailed you a link to the file earlier (it’s a large-ish file).
“You got mail!”

Yes I have the file and the bass works fine. I can even see the playing techniques that you did. What I don’t see are your techniques showing up in panel when I click on the the playing techniques icon. Is there some other step that I need to take to get those techniques to show up in the panel when I click the playing techniques icon?

I don’t think they were all showing up previously, but if you import the new playback template and then from Play > Playback Templates ‘apply’ the new version you should get the techniques such as Pick or Slap listed in the guitar section of the playing techniques panel.

Screen shots

That’s the String section, not the Guitar section.

I’ll try that. Thanks

Not in the guitar section either

You should get ‘pick, slap and s-p’?
Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 12.54.13

Have you re-applied the new playback template (after importing the new one)?

Not yet. The one on the resources page still says 29 Nov. 2021. I believe that’s still the old one.

The playback template I sent you by email earlier - I haven’t updated the resources page yet.

Yes. Doesn’t work in windows. I’ll try it on the Mac in a bit. I’ve got to run a short errand

Ok, let me know by email. Maybe we need to check that the playback template is actually updating. Have you tried removing the old one and then importing the new one?
Also, which version of Dorico are you using?

Thanks John. The new one is working fine. Everything is showing up and working. It just overwrote the old one.

I’m using the latest version of Dorico 4 on windows and Mac.


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