Electro Cinematic Music

This is Track made using Cubase Pro 8.
East West strings, brass, and choirs
Groove agent 4
Halion SE
Stock Effects plugins for mixing and mastering.
Originally named, " A Hero’s Promise", until some kids ran by the window and screamed Infinite Dr. Pepper.
Produced in about a week.
Let me know what you think guys.



Nice production/arranging/layering. Nit picking: the mix sounds a little overly compressed. Which is a totally subjective thing of course but I think the depth and width of the stereo field could be used a little more.

Thanks for the feedback.
Yes it is overcompressed, and I am going to fix that. I am trying to figure out the best way to separate the instruments. I need a lesson on how to utilize the stereo field. I know basic panning, but that doesn’t seem to cut it.
I am also going to add sidechaining to the sub bass and kick drum.


But nice job! :slight_smile:


Nice. Can’t over comment on the mix 'cos I’m only on PC speakers at the moment, but liked the arrangement a lot.