Electronic beats at the touch of a button

Im looking for some type of programmable pad, say the size of an ipad or ipad mini that will attatch to a mic stand and i can program beats into that will accompany my live performances.
Also it would be great if i could just plug it into my live desk and not have to have my laptop on stage.

Something also that has a few pads on it so i can program drum tracks into it ready to go live and all i have to do is tap the pad once to activate the beat?!
I play acoustic indie, folkie chill and im looking into adding some electronica to the flavour, i have no idea about this gear!?

any help is always muchly appreciated!

If you want it to be standalone (without laptop) it’ll be quite expensive.
AKAI MPC range is what you’re looking for I think. Note that not all recent models are standalone.