Electronic Clicks HELP¡¡¡¡¡¡

Hi Guys,
I have a problem with electronics clicks when I am recording, that unfortunately don´t let me work and I have not idea what to do. I have tried everything without result.
Please someone can help me please. I will put here for all you guys my specifications:

  • Macbook pro mid 2010
  • UR44 Steinberg (usb)
  • Cubase Element 9
  • Ram Memory 16gb
  • SSD 480 GB TOSHIBA-TR150

Thank so much guys¡¡¡

Do the clicks end up in your recording?
If not, do you hear clicks during playback at all?

Have you tried increasing the buffer size in the ASIO control panel of your UR44?

You say you’ve tried everything which makes it impossible to help you :wink:
What have you tried exactly?