electronic drumkit input

Is it possible to use a Yamaha electronic drum kit as an input device for this program? I assume there is a drum kit notation option with this program.
Thanks in advance

Dorico accepts MIDI note input from any device that is able produce it. Not knowing your Yamaha kit, but I assume that each pad will send out a MIDI note event on a different pitch. So yes, Dorico will happily receive them and notate them accordingly.

But be aware, Dorico does only offer step input, i.e. you can not play live on the kit and then expect that Dorico notates your rhythm in the correct timely order, if that is what you mean with “kit noation option”.

Thanks for your response. Does that mean you can import a midi file with a drum pattern and Dorico will translate that into drum notes?

At the moment, Dorico doesn’t really handle unpitched percussion in MIDI import: indeed, it doesn’t really handle unpitched percussion in general as yet. We are working on that at the moment. If your MIDI file uses a General MIDI-compatible drum set, then we should ultimately be able to import it relatively well from a MIDI file.

Thanks again for your response. Is there another program that Steinberg offers that can turn midi notes into music notation? I’m mainly after a program that can turn a midi drum track into drum music notes.
thanks for your help

As Daniel said, we are working on this currently, so we expect that in the next update it will turn drum tracks into notation, providing that your electronic kit is configured to use GM mappings.

Thanks for that.
Is any of the other programs like Cubase elements or Cubase pro able to turn midi drum beats into drum sheet music?

Cubase can do, but you have to decide yourself whether it is up to a level that you expect. I propose you get the trial version (https://www.steinberg.net/en/products/steinberg_trial_versions/cubase.html) and try it out.