Electronic music producers are left behind!


Cubase 10.5 is an amazing DAW, grew up with it, and learned a lot from it. But unfortunately when it comes to sampling, editing audio clips, replacing audio clips its a nightmare.
Keep in mind that Cubase is an amazing tool for composers, mixing and mastering, live band producers, but electronic music producers are left behind!
I already spent a lot of money hoping that in every version that it upgrades it will be some cool new features for me as a electronic music producer that will help. But didn’t;t happened.
For example: I use one shots( audio samples), for a 4 bar kick pattern, I would like to replace that kick, the drag and holding the shift button(on Mac) and then after release it works only from Media Bay. You have to know that 99% of producers also have external drives and online cloud samples that are not trough Media Bay, its really a night mare, replacing trough Groove agent, setting thresholds, or whatever technique. A shortcut would be more friendly.

In conclusion I really don’t want to go from using Cubase, especially after I invested so much money. Please try to have in mind all EDM/Trap producers also.

Thank you

I got the habit of using sampler track instead of dropping the one shots to arrangement page. Easier to replace and more control overall.
Now if it was possible save those sampler tracks as presets that would be great.
By the way you can add all your libraries to Media Bay.

Hi. I am using Media Bay too. Workflow has to suffer. In Cubase you cant drag and drop samples in Maschine. Did you know that?

Also cubase needs macro controls like ableton live or fl studio