Element 9 and 9AI

I think it works! Maybe.
I have Elements 9 on a Usb elinenser. But I want Cubase on a soft license.
I bought a UR22 and found it came with a free Cubase AI.
So… I downloaded the ‘free’ AI but did NOT install it. It gave me an activation code.
I registered the code as a soft license
I crossed my fingers and opened Cubase Elements 9 WITHOUT the USB dongle inserted and it opened as Cubase AI 9.
This was just what I had hoped.
So far so good.
Perhaps, may be, if I insert the USB dongle the open Cubase it might open as Cubase Elements 9.

If so ‘hats off’ to Steinberg.

Yes, Elements/AI/LE is the same executable file…the license determines which bits function.

Thank you, it was as I hoped. I guessed as much when I saw the download file size.

All very good. Opening Cubase with USB eLicenser inserted opens the full Elements 9.
Just what had hoped for.