ELEMENT = no metadata ?


i have flac files in nuendo. they have multiple metadata.
when i clic look at those files in wavelab element there’s notghing in metadata.
is that only for pro ?


I could be wrong but I don’t think the full version really has great FLAC metadata support like it does for WAV/mp3.

I never really use or deliver FLAC masters so it’s not something I think about often but I was recently trying help Ian Sheperd figure this out for one of his clients he was trying to delver FLAC masters to with metadata added.

It might be good for WaveLab to improve it’s FLAC metadata support unless it’s already there and I just can’t find it.

FLAC metadata reads fine in Elements, here on Windows, same as in Wavelab Pro. What are some of the metadata field names you see when you view the file in Nuendo, since I guess FLAC can contain custom metadata that might not be seen in Wavelab. Maybe some of the same location sound metadata Cubase and Nuendo put in the iXML chunk in WAV ? (which I believe Wavelab can read).

It would be great if you could post a screenshot of the FLAC metadata in Nuendo, because if it doesn’t read in Wavelab Elements it’s probably not going to read in Wavelab Pro either.

hi thx for your answer.
here is a snapshot of mediabay metadata in nuendo

and here is the same file opened in wavelab element (with show 0 metadata)

maybe i’m not on the right page to see metadata.
maybe i have to set wich metadata i want to see somewhere… but that window File Attribute doesn’t allow me to set anything.

i use Flac because it uses 1/3 of size for same sound. People say that size doesn’t matter these days (in comuter world i mean) but on SSD… 2/3 gain is super important !

I would be interested to get any of your flac file that is listed to have BWF metadata.