Elements 10.5 No Sound - Missing Ports

I am sampling (with the intent to purchase a license for the Artist version) Cubase Elements 10.5 right now and am totally confused trying to set it up. I have absolutely no technical knowledge. I have an Acer Windows 10 gaming computer (A717-72G) with 16 GB RAM and an Intel Core i7-8750 CPU @ 2.20GHz. I do not have any additional hardware loaded into the computer.

When I fire up Cubase, I get an error msg about MISSING PORTS, 2 HD microphone IN ports and two HD speaker OUT ports, unmapped. I can click on them in the msg box and set them to my RealTek HD microphones (1 &2) and speakers (1 & 2.) However, if I boot up again, this same msg box pops up.

Even though I created a new project, the screen loads with an 8-measure drum loop already loaded plus tracks for bass, perc synth, pad synth, lead synth, and vocals. I did not select a pre-configured set up.

If I go into Studio > Studio Setup midi port set up, my Arturia MiniLab mkii is selected for both in and out, though the out is listed as ‘inactive.’ There is also another Windows MIDI out - a Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth port system OUT listed as inactive.

In the VST Audio System, a Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver is listed, with Realtek microphone and speakers listed, all active.

I haven’t loaded the Analog_Lab4 Lite (came with the Arturia midi keyboard) yet (don’t know how to link it) or any other VSTs I have downloaded to my computer. I played around a little with the Ableton Live Lite that was bundled with the keyboard and saw it had a function to point the program to folders where I store VSTs.

I have no sound.

Can anybody help me configure Cubase? As I stated, I intend to purchase a license for the Artist edition and it will be my only DAW.

Also, when I close the program, after the main screen closes I have to close another black screen. This does not seem normal to me. I had tried to install Cubase last week and it didn’t run correctly so I uninstalled and reinstalled again and it worked.

Any help here? I like what I see on YouTube of how Cubase works (except in my case as it isn’t working) and I want to purchase a license for the Artist edition but first I want it up and running, the trial Elements 10.5 version.

Hi and welcome,

These Ports are not a MIDI Ports. Double check the Audio Connections > Inputs and Outputs, please.