Elements 10 BUG

Every time i start elements 10 the windows arragment is gone, forgotten.
So when i start i also need to enable the bottom line, the top line ,the vsti/media browser, the inspector , and maybe the mixer panel.
If i quit the project (and cubase) the next time i start it I need again to enable the bottom line\top\inspector\browser\mixer…
It’s not the greatest bug of all BUT it is quite annoying…
Also it doesn’t matter whether i start elements 10 with admin rights or not
(I have set elements 10 (and eLicenser) to start with admin rights just because elements seem to finish the starting process somewhat faster
when in admin mode…

I’m on windows 10 home x64 october update fully patched, cubase elements 10 x64,
i5 4460, 16 GB RAM, 500 SAMSUNG 850 EVO ssd, nvidia 1050ti fully updated drivers.


This is an known, already discussed and reported issue of Cubase Elements. Cubase Elements 10.0.5 doesn’t store the Project window Setup Layout.

thanks, Martin. Good to know it is reported.