Elements 10 midi instrument bpm help


I got cubase elements 10 recently (used to have SX3)…

I recorded an external drum machine set at bpm of 122 and recorded a load of audio along to this click

I want to use Groove agent as drum machine but made the mistake of having the project tempo set at 120bpm from the beginning.

Now i cant change the bpm of groove agent to 122 without messing up all the audio track alignment

I discovered that the option to toggle time base between Linear and musical is NOT included in elements.

Is there any workaround where i can set midi instrument bpm without changing the project bpm?

any help appreciated.

Hi and welcome,

The Linear/Musical timebase would just shift the start of the Audio events, it wouldn’t change the speed of the Audio. What you are searching for, is the switch off the Musical Mode (do so in the Pool or in the Info Line after selecting of the Audio event).

Be aware, 122BPM on your external Drum Machine is not exactly the same as 122bPM in Cubase (or any other device). If you want to get exactly the same tempo, you would need to sync the devices.

Many thanks for the help… appreciate it.

I did as you advised and info line says musical mode was off for all audio events. But the audio events are still moving out of line with each other when i change the project tempo.

Any ideas?




As I said the start position will change, so it will move. A workaround:

  • As a Ruler set Timecode.
  • Make sure there are no collapsed folders in the project or collapsed automation data and select all events in the project (Ctrl + A).
  • In the Info Line of the Project window double-click to the Start field and Copy the value (Ctrl + C).
  • Change the tempo.
  • Make sure all events are still selected or select them again.
  • In the Info Line of the Project window double-click to the Start field and Paste the value (Ctrl + V).

The audio should jump to its original time position.

Thanks Martin, I tried this but each event seems to move a proportionately different distance depending on its size & position
Also some events i have start at zero & don’t move at all with project bpm change

The other thing i noticed is that all my midi instrument notes(originally played in real time on external midi keyboard) …are all getting speeded up too with project bpm change.

If the solution to this is Cubase pro upgrade then so be it.

Thanks again.


That’s really weird. Do you have only 1 Tempo event in the project (the one at the very beginning)?

If you are using also MIDI and you want to shift them out of the Grid, there is no other way than to switch the timebase from Musical to Linear. In this case, you definitely need higher then Cubase Elements derivative.

Martin.yes the imported click track is the only event starting at zero



Could you attach some screenshots? Like pre and post, please?

Hi Martin,

I did a screen shot of before and after the project bpm shift to 133bpm (from 120)

The audio events that start at the beginning zero stay aligned… all others go out of sync with each other

Also note how the info line after ctlr+A has a start time of 0.00.00 For both tempos

Im not too concerned with midi as i can rerecord that quickly enough




I’m sorry, I don’t see anything really out of sync. Maybe the Zoom Level is not high enough to see it.

MIDI is of course out, so I’m comparing just the wave files against each other.


On 133bpm pic At around 1.40 the bass track is later than acoustic track

(They both should start at exactly same time)

The odd thing is the gap between the start point of the two tracks is more than at around 1.00 min mark



I look to the starts off the events, not the signal. The problem is, the is a silence at the beginning of the event, I think.

Thanks Martin… can you tell if upgrading to pro and having control of linear & time base mode in each track will fix all issues im having?


I think so. You can try with Cubase Pro Trial.

Be aware, there is 50% discount for all Cubase versions (updates and upgrades too) now. So now is the time.

Many thanks Martin, I have now upgraded to pro