Elements 10 TRIAL: Inspector and Zones not working at all

I downloaded the TRIAL of Elements 10.

None of the Zones are working (Lower, Left or Right).
This means I cant see or check the Inspector or many of the functions in Cubase.

Was this an intentional thing for the TRAIL version ?
Or, is it a programming error ?

My Trial Version = 10.0.5 (build 72)

Inspector and zones work fine in Elements trial. I installed the trial before deciding to update from 9.5.

Maybe your installation got corrupted somehow. try uninstalling and reinstalling again, and don’t forget to install the update to 10.0.20.

Thank you Giovanni :wink:

I updated to 10.0.20 and it all works fine :wink:
it must have been a problem with my version 10.0.5

I actually thought that 10.0.5 was HIGHER than 10.0.20 (because I was thinking in terms of Maths decimal numbers, rather than actual numbers)
So my .5 seemed higher than a .2

by the way:
my one was Build: 72
and now its on Build 187

Does this mean they have updated it over 100 times since 10.0.5 ?
I only downloaded it last week!
it has gone up so much in the space of a week !

Updates for CB 10.0.20 were issued on April 17, 2019.
My guess is that those build numbers are used internally by the programmers at Steinberg to keep track of what they are doing before issuing a software publicly.

Regards :sunglasses:


I agree that the version numbers are not standard. If they are going to use a version naming scheme like xx.x.xx, they should have identified version 10.0.5 as 10.0.05 so that there is no confusion.

Regards :sunglasses: