Elements 11, Groove Agent SE5 - Acoustic kits not showing

I’ve read multiple forum threads, here and elsewhere on this in earlier releases, and as best I can done what they say, but without success. Can someone enlighten me? I’ve not long installed Cubase Elements 11 and I want to use acoustic kits with GA SE5 (“Acoustic Agent”, if that’s even a thing any more). But when I “load kit” all I see is Beat Agent electronic kits (see screen shot). I’ve jiggled with the filters and tried to find icons recommended for earlier versions and I’m currently convinced that what I’m looking at is all there is. Where are the acoustic kits?

Hi, That’s strange - maybe try to rescan files (small icon with “round clockwise arrow” - next to the number of content - in your case it’s ‘30’ in the middle of the window from the right side). In my case (GA SE5) there are 194 kits in total, and only 30 acoustic styles (the styles you load when selecing “STYLE” option after loading the kit) which I think it’s very few anyway.

Please check also if you have factory content in the default folder : “C:\Users\All Users\Steinberg\Content\Groove Agent\VST Sound” - in my case (GA SE5) - there 31 “.vstsound” files and 3.09GB in total.