Elements 11 to Artist 11 upgrade?

I’m looking to get Artist, but its seems a bit of a minefield.
I started with AI 10, upgraded to Elements 10, and then 10.5, and paid for the update to 11.

I really want to get Artist 11 but the prices are confusing.
On Steinberg’s website it stated £190 (or £170) for the upgrade from Elements to Artist, and £230 (£210) from AI.
When i shop around on line, there are plenty of places doing AI to Artist for around £130, which is a lot more attractive.
I just cant get a definite answer whether i can get one of these upgrades. My Elements says its AI/Elements, but obviously that’s not to say the upgrade will see it that way.

If not, can i downgrade back to AI? The licence isnt in the licence manager anymore.

Well to answer my last question, it seems like i cant go back to AI.

So if ive got this right. I can go from AI (free) to Artist for £120, but to go from Elements, which i have paid around £80 in upgrades already i have to spend £170.
That’s crazy. No support for loyal customers, and no reason to stay loyal.


It’s written clearly in the eLCC application. The license is either Cubase Elements or Cubase AI only. The application itself is Elements/AI/LE. But the license decides.

No, you can’t, sorry.

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Thanks, thats what i thought.
Luckily someone gave me an unused AI code, so i have AI and Elements installed now (along with Pro as a trial).
Seems strange that Steinberg charge £213 for the upgrade from AI, but most places are selling it for £120. Unless I’m missing something ill go for the cheaper option,


You don’t have to install the version. You need to activate the license, to be able to upgrade it. That’s it, nothing more needed.

Cool, thanks for confirming this.
I managed to get a key for AI and have activated this.
So i now have AI and Elements keys on my USB eLicencer. I can go ahead and get the AI to Artist upgrade like this one? Why is it about £100 cheaper than from Steinberg?https://www.scan.co.uk/products/steinberg-cubase-artist-11-upgrade-from-cubase-ai


Yes, you can.

I’m just wondering, why did you move your Cubase Elements license to the USB-eLicenser? You cannot move it back to the Soft-eLicense. If you would keep it as Soft-eLicense, you could use the Cubase Elements as non-USB-dongle version at one of your system. What is sometimes handy.

Thanks again.
Sorry, that comment about Elements was not accurate. I dont have Elements on the USB dongle yet. It was Cubase 11 Pro demo that i have on there along with AI.
Not sure why AI installed itself on there. Maybe because i had the dongle in my PC at the time?


When you are in the process of activating the Soft-eLicense and the USB-eLicenser is plugged in, the eLCC application asks you, if you want to store the license to the USB-eLicenser or the Soft-eLicenser. The default pre-selected option is USB-eLicenser. Most of the users don’t read this message and just confirm, they want to activate the license to the USB-eLicenser. This was (most probably) also your case.

Yeah, you’re probably right, but i do remember thinking it might be a good idea as the Artist licence will need to be on there anyway. Maybe i did make a conscious decision.


You are right. You would need to transfer Cubase AI license to the USB-eLicenser anyway, to be able to upgrade the license to Cubase Artist.

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can i upgrade from cubase elements 11 ( on usb stick ) to cubase artist 11 I have tried to find this option on the steinberg page but have failed… there is plenty written about the A1 route , but nothing i can find giving me the cost of a straight update from elements 11 to artist 11
any help would be appreciated


Yes, you can: Cubase Artist 11 Upgrade from:
Cubase Elements 11
Cubase Elements 10.5

I’m still baffled as to why its cheaper to go from AI to Pro by purchasing anywhere other than Steinberg, and yet no where else does the Elements to Pro upgrade.
By the way, i ordered Ai to Pro yesterday. Might as was well get it all rather than wanting something in the future that i dont have.