Elements 13 vs elements 10?

I have been looking at the new (?) features of elements 13, but I don’t really see anything that’s much different. Using it only for MIDI editing with the key editor. Are there any improvements? Would it be at all worth to upgrade?
Second question: if I install the el 13 trial version, does that affect my current el10 installation?

One difference is the licensing is now a software based system instead of elicenser. Elements did have the option for soft elicenser though unless the license was moved to a dongle, so probably won’t be much different. Every new version of Cubase is always a distinct separate install so installing the trial will not interfere.

You should try the demo to find out if it’s worth upgrading for you, I haven’t upgraded to 13 as yet it seems to have some issues to be worked out, and Steinberg updates generally take eons to appear.

thanks, I am already on a soft elicense, so that’s good. will wait and see. every time I check out these upgrades, they don’t seem to improve much, at least not for the Elements version, and what I am using it for …

The soft eLicenser is completely different to what the new licensing system is doing. You are locked to the machine, where the soft eLicenser database is stored. If you want to change machine or use a second, or your system gets damaged, you need to do the reactivation process.

The new licensing system simply requires you to open the Activation manager and click Activate. You can do this on up to three machines at the same time. So you get a high level of independence compared to the soft eLicenser.

When I open the Activation Manager I only see one activated program - Dorico Pro 5. Cubase Elements 10 doesn’t show at all. Does that mean I have it softlicensed on this computer (only)? It works fine and I don’t need it on another computer. But is there something I should do? (to include it in the new licensing system? is it necessary?)

The new licensing system is only for 12 onwards, Steinberg is moving away from elicenser, I never minded using the dongle really, but it’s nicer having up to 3 machines and not having the dongle.

As for updates, I updated from 10.5 to 12 a couple of years ago and I like it, it feels more stable for me.

Of course not, the new licensing system has been introduced with Cubase 12. Cubase 10 will continue to use the soft eLicenser.

If you want to get rid of the old eLicenser you need to upgrade. If you want to keep Cubase 10 you keep going with the old eLicenser.

Got it, thanks.