Elements 3.5 Text Editor

When entering staff text by bar the text editor doesn’t seem to retain the previous bar settings. Each entry then requires multiple actions in the text editor to select the fundamentals ie font, size etc

Given the power of the text editor it seems a trifle mean. While there’s Character Style there doesn’t seem to be any way of saving a preset. The editor won’t even remember the Character Style of “Music Text” which appears to allow only a choice of Font in Preferences.

Is this pain only mine (is there a workaround), a function of the scope of Engrave in Elements, or an oversight?



It’s a limitation of Elements. Pro allows you to create custom Character and Paragraph styles.

But even in Pro, can one set a default for the Text and System Text boxes (apart from Default Text itself)?

You can set up custom paragraph styles, save them as default (so that they show in all projects), then define different keyboard shortcuts for them.

Thank you, Leo. I sense from your info that one would still have to select (manually or by shortcut) the new default paragraph style for each Text Box. Am I correct?

But “by shortcut” is rapid. Rather than typing Shift-X you type Shift-Y (or whatever your custom shortcut is).


Thanks Dan. I’m not asking for custom styles … just that the text editor remembers the last use in a project.