Elements 3.5 Two systems of categorising Key Commands

The power of key commands is an essential feature of Dorico. In Elements the categories shown in Preferences use a different system to those on the HTML page. There’s some overlap but Preferences has far more categories. Why are there two systems?

Why can’t the drop down list in the HTML page and the grouping below mirror the Preferences categories? I see that Preferences doesn’t include a Global category so there’d have to be a check for any on the HTML page that aren’t in Preferences.

It would also be good to highlight actions in the Preferences list that have key commands already assigned.



The team may well have a different answer but for me, the objectives of the HTML pages and the Preferences Pages aren’t the same, hence the reason for the different categories.

The HTML pages are a graphic representation / full list of all active Key Commands, including those that have been assigned by users. They’re a good way to learn active Key Commands and a quick way to find a Key Command you may have forgotten. The categorisation here is built around Modes and Functions - the exception is a Global Category that shows commands that are not assigned to a particular Mode or Function. Several of the Key Commands in this list are the same and that works because they deliver a different result depending on the Mode or Function.

Key Commands in Preferences are a list of (almost) all assigned and unassigned Key Commands. This is where users set or change Key Commands. With so many more (600+?) commands being listed, the categorisation here goes into more detail than the HTML Pages, breaking down modes into sub categories (e.g. Filter) and including oddities (UI, application etc,). It’s easier and more natural for users to work with this list of categories than it is to work with Key Commands being categorised in terms of their limitations.

Hi David
thanks for detailed explanation of the objectives for each categorisation and their respective benefits.

I think it’s harder than it needs to be to get an overview of the 600+ commands (maybe less in Elements). The HTML page only shows assigned commands and there’s no highlighting of set commands in the Preferences list. There’s no hint of the Preferences categories in the HTML listing.

Search results on the HTML page show the categories for the HTML page and I see no reason this box couldn’t be extended to show the Preferences Categories and sub-categories as well. Likewise greying out commands that haven’t been assigned in the Preferences list should be easy to implement.

Perhaps I need to write a Feature Request.

Thanks again.


You don’t need to write a feature request. We read everything that’s posted here, and take all feedback (positive and constructive alike) into consideration. Thanks for letting us know how you feel about this area of the program. It’s food for thought.