Elements 6 Midi controller transport mapping

I have an M-AudioOxygen49 and Cubase Elements6. I realize that it does not support the direct-link mapping like the full version does. However, I am somewhat experienced with manual mapping, but for the life of me I can not map my transport controls. I create a General remote under devices and can easily program everything BUT record,play,ff and rew. I am sure that somebody has figured this out before as its a fairly common keyboard, but I cant seem to find any info on how to actually find the transport controls to be mapped (learned). I have also tried just naming them and Midi learning the buttons but to nothing works. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try to find, which MIDI CCs are send by pressing these buttons (Play, Stop, FF, etc.) on your Oxygen. You can do this in Cubase MIDI Monitor or in different MIDI monitor app.

Then make the Generic Remote Device and insert these MIDI CCs manually to the bottom sheet.

Unfortunately, the MIDI Learn function doesn’t work very often in the Generic Remote Device. Of course, you have to set MIDI In, befor you to start using MIDI Learn. Did you set it right?

Thanks for the reply, I do have the midi input/output set and I am able to find the controller numbers, they appear in the top column. But I’m still left without the proper names, I only have fader,pan,mute and send. I feel like I’m missing something simple here.I’m sure it can be done given the fact that it is indeed connecting and I can assign everything else.

Do you mean names of the 1st column (Control Name)? This name is irrelevant. You can double click on it (on the top sheet), and change tthe name, as you like. These Fader 1-16, Pan1-16, etc, are just examples. Nothing to do with your own settings.

Thanks again for the info. I am now fully functional on the transport controls. I renamed them in the top like you said and now in the bottom column a large list of transport controls appears that I had never seen before. Thanks a million!