Elements 6, scary noises

Project with some VSTs including Halion and prologue. tiny bit of audio.
It starts off ok…then the sound gets worse, starting with sporadic crackling and buzzing. Then the audio gets unlistenably distorted and even seems to slow down and drop in pitch behind the crackling like an old broken record player! I’ve tried freezing a load of the tracks to no avail. Asio and CPU levels are not peaking. I usually use an audio interace (audiogram 3) but it happens with or without that. I have a spare harddrive if it would be of any use to me to partition out the program or something although I’m not sure how to do that.
My old Cubase doesn’t do this at all and I thought I had quite a powerful machine :frowning: any help would be very much appreciated. Apart from that, the new cubase seems awesome, quite a lot of the “querks” have been fixed and it’s smooth and simple. I will try to attach a file if people require it.

  1. Try increasing the latency on your driver (Devices>Decive Setup)

  2. Also run this on your system.

Although these are good ways to start, alot of times some kind of RAM overload can be going on behind your back, especially if you are monitoring/recording massive sample libraries. In this case you may need to look into getting an external RAM stick.

Thanks for the reply, I ran the program and it’s all in the green right now, “this machine should be able to handle live…” etc. and tried changing latency and buffer size to both ends of the scale but that didn’t solve it.

Oddly, I’ve gone back to my old ASIO4ALL driver and I haven’t had any problems today. I had to get that as the old cubase asio driver had problems too. Hopefully it will stay well now.