Elements 6: update from LE not OK

I have cubase 6 LE installed.
I wanted to try cubase elements 6, and followed the procedure to ugrade.
When I launch cubase, it’s still Cubase LE which is running !!!
I don’t understand where is the problem…
My elicenser control center shows cubase LE and cubase elements but elements seems impossible to run…

What OS? And how do you launch Cubase?

Windows 7 - 64bits / from the start menu or from the desktop icon it’s the same result :cry:

From the start menu there should be a separate Elements entry I think. Maybe check under control panel if there are really two versions of Cubase installed?

Are you sure you are still running LE? What is listed in your installed programs?

I believe Elements, LE, and AI are all the same installation. I have Elements 6 and when I launch it I see “Cubase Elements AI LE 6” (or something similar). I’m at work right now. I’ll check when I get home.

Forgive me if this sounds stupid, but you did actually install Elements and not just upgrade the license?

When I launch it (“Cubase Elements AI LE 6”), it shows “Cubase LE” - the main window is named “'Cubase LE”.
I have asked an elements trial license - Elicenser control center shows Cubase LE and Cubase Elements trial (limited in time)… Maybe I missed something…?

I think it’s the same installation - the license makes the difference… But not in my case :frowning:

Press F 11 “Instrument rack”. LE is definitely not having this, so you should check it.

no reaction of cubase when pressing F11.
No instrument rack available in the menus.

Dear kri,

when you start Cubase, don’t you get a window asking you if you want to start either Cubase LE or Cubase Elements trial? If not, please send me a PM with your eLicenser numbers (Soft and/or USB).


When I start Cubase, I have a window (not every time) asking me if I want to try or buy Cubase elements.
I have opened a support request with my problem.