Elements 7.07 - very confusing precount and preroll?

Midi recording.

I put this here first - to see whether I misunderstand things or not - before reporting as issues.

#1. Precount extend the part where record is active - why?
Set precount to 1 bar, and to on.
Press record - and anything you play is recorded during precount as well.

Turning off retrospective recording makes no difference.
Not playing anything - then it works - but recording is active.

Using no precount - but set preroll to the same amount of bars - then it works as I would expect precount to.
Set preroll to 1 bar, and on - precount becomes turned off if happend to be on.

Start recording, playback reverse one bar with metronome running - but recording only take input from startposition when record was pressed.

This is really weird behavior of precount(not preroll).

#2. Activating preroll - turn precount off - why(and other way round too)?
Never seen this as exclusive features.

Preroll is simply a jump back where playback starts.
When pressing record - I still want a precount on that.

#3. When using precount and starting on a bar, and precount is more - then you get events that start before - why?

Have start position be bar 3(
Have precount to 4 bars.
Then you get a clip that is starting one bar before project.

To overcome some limitation on cycle recording, I have a couple of empty miditracks below the one I record.
And drag a clip down on another track when done one take - but then the full clip would’t be put in place, since start is not allowed to position before project start. One have to fiddle with truncate clip start etc.

I guess you can set project start time to something else, but still behavior is weird.

#4. When doing punch-in recording and activate - that is turned off after one take - why?
Punch out stays active though.

I think punch-in should too.

#5. Punch-out stops recording - and now position stays there - why?
When having transport stop, I have the return to start active - but this does not work for punch out.

I think it should work. Simplifies doing a new take.