Elements 7 64-bit version?

Why is Elements starting in 32bit mode? Isn’t there a 64bit version?

what OS you on Atari ???

I am on Mac OSX 10.7.5

switch it to 64 bit manually

Dear G-String,

it’d be very helpful if you explained How to manually change an application to 64-bit in OS X. If you are already posting a reply, why not give a complete answer?

Dear pavelpp,

on this KB-Article you’ll find a small description of how to open your application in 64-bit on your Mac:

and please try to add as much info as possible when you have a question, so that other users can help you quicker.


Maybe because he does not have the time, is on a small mobile device which he does not want to type myriads of text on, or simply because he does not know, how it´s done on a Mac - according to his signature, he seems to be on a PC after all.
There are people on this forum (though not a lot, and usually not those who can´t be bothered to at least give useful system info) that can take a hint and find out the rest all by themselves.

Dear thinkingcap,

If he didn’t have time, or was on a mobile device or didn’t know the answer, then why bother at all to post a reply? Maybe just to go up with the post-count to become a “Grand Senior Member”? I wonder how many users do that :sunglasses:

Still… it’s nice to see you took some time to reply to my post with something more than a “no” or a “yes” or a “read the manual”… way to go :wink:


Because as said, some members can take a hint. You can find such people even here.

Now, if you think I´m doing that, why haven´t you already kicked me out of the forum - obviously that´s against the forum rules… Some people here seem to give too much on postcount numbers, and mostly it´s not those with high postcounts…

Well, since this time you also took the time to post a helpful link this time instead of only PMing a warning and ignoring the OP´s problem, I thought could do that… :wink:

Thanks guys. Problem solved. But it is very strange that by default it runs in 32bit mode. At least some kind of warning to the end user would not hurt. This is the first time I see this kind of app behavior on OSX.

Oh I see it now, you are still offended for a warning I issued you a year ago… still my position remains the same, not only for you but for all other Grand Senior Members: If you have nothing usefull to say, better not say anything. Quality above quantity :wink:


Not really offended, I´m simply generalizing things, just like you did in your previous post…

Ah, I was hoping being grand senior member would grant me superpowers. All that postcount-padding for nothing :sunglasses:.
Oh well, back to useful posts then.

I’m sorry Strophoid, it doesn’t. Being a Moderator does though :wink:


Im sorry Luis Dongo that you feel so disturbed by my post and yes I have the knowledge the answer the question and no I wasn’t in a rush and on a mobile device I was just being coy as the abruptness of the answer in my book deserved a short blunt answer

I reset my last account because I really couldn’t get two monkies how many post I have or not (1765 a month ago) , if some requires help and has the correct attitude then I will help ( the same as your support department) as much as I can but if someone wants to be short and abrupt then “whats good for the goose …”

kind regards

EX filterfreak