Elements 7 to Cubase 7.5 ??!!

Greetings … Guys i m new to cubase stuff and i bought the cubase elemnts 7 coz that was the only full edition available … and then i bought the cubase 7.5 as an upgrade to cubase 7 .

My issue is that … how can i reach the cubase 7.5 ?? coz when i put the license it reads right ( cubase 7.5 ) but says that no license related … so how can i reach the 7.5 from my Cubase elements 7 ??? cannot find any option in the shop … options in the shop are :

Cubase Elements 7 ( Full Version )
Cubase Artist 7.5 ( only upgraded from artist versions )
Cubase 7.5 ( only upgraded from other versions … and the only option i have is the box version which is not supported by my country )

so what shall i do with my 7.5 key ?? besides … is it ok to stay on the elements 7 and purchase the VSTs ?? does this work for a good sound quality and home studio stuff ?

thank u all so much for sparing time to read my topic.


thank u so much for ur reply mate … but to be honest … i dont know what shall i do now ?? … i already installed the with 900MB and it is installed … when i run it … elicenser opens … and i enter my activation key … it looks green and valid … and it show that the activation code is for cubase 7.5 … when i press OK … it says " no license to upgrade the selectable " .

help plz

So you have Elements 7?

You bought the upgrade from Cubase 7 to Cubase 7.5?

That is not going to work.

The upgrade code is looking for a Cubase 7 licence on a USB-eLicenser, not Elements 7 on (I’m assuming) your Soft-eLicenser.

Only official support can help you with this mistake.