Elements 8 - Mix Console crashes at opening

Hi to everyone.
I own a Cubase Elements 8 version 8.0.40 Build 623 (64 bit)
Operating system:
Windows 10 Home
version 1703
Build 15063.413

Since a few days the mix console doesn’t open at all.
It crashes when I open it.
I can open a project and play it and it works, but when I open the mix console it crashes.

No matter the project, it crashes anyway even with no plugins attached.
I anyway tried removing all the plugins and it still crashes.

I even tried changing the audio interface, the bug is still there.
I don’t know if it could be related to recent Windows updates.

Thanks for your help.

Hi and welcome,

Make sure your plug-ins are up-to-date, please. Try to trash Cubase preferences.

I’ve got a similar problem here. Since a few weeks whenever I open the Mixer Cubase Elements crashes.
We have already updated all plugins, trashing the preferences folder doesn’t solve the problem either.

Cubase Elements 8 8.0.40 Build 623
Windows 10 Home Build 1803

I attach a crash dump.
Any hints?
Cubase Elements 64bit 2019.1.5 20.22.dmp (562 KB)


The crash is in Cubase. Unfortunately Cubase 8 is not in the development anymore so no developer could fix it, if it’s really an issue on Cubase side.

Could you try to start Cubase in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please? If it doesn’t help, could you try to uninstall Cubase, Trash/Rename Cubase preferences folder (%appData% /Steinberg/Cubase Elements/LE/AI 8_64), install Cubase8 again, and try it again, please?

Did anyone have any success doing what was suggested here? I’m running 8.5 pro and have an issue trying to load the mix console when opening a project.

Stuck in the middle of an EP.


Make sure your plug-ins are up to date.

If yes… Could you try to rename all folders, where are your plug-ins installed, to make sure the plug-ins are not loaded? Can you open the project then?