Elements 8 Trial Zip Empty

I have tried downloading the Cubase Elements 8 trial from the following link:


It simply downloads an empty zip file.

Is there another location that might have it?

Thank you for your interest! Could you please let me know how big the downloaded file is? Have you tried with a different browser?

The download is 0kb. I tried in both Chrome and IE.

I am actually a Cubase 8 Pro user at home, but during lunch I like to mess around with music so I can get in the right mindset to teach in the afternoon. :smiley:

I use Reaper currently, but switching between platforms is a pain, hence the reason I want to try out Elements.



It turns out it was my IT department. They seem to not allow large downloads now. Remote desktopped into my home machine and am currently downloading it.

Good to know, thanks!