Elements 8 Upgrade

I just upgraded to Elements 8 from 7, but I can’t find the new version on my Mac. I followed all of the steps-downloaded program and activated the elicense. When I open the program it’s version 7 and there are no changes. Looked in my applications for a new program and there’s no version 8. The download seemed to go smoothly with no problems. I’m curious if I missed something. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

Just a thought! You did install the new version? You only said that you downloaded and activated the license.

As above you have to install it and then you should see both Elements 7 and Elements 8 on your system as separate programs.

I think I did download the program because it took a long time.

But did then install it? You can download it again from the Trials page at steinberg.net if you need too. Just don’t activate the trial license you receive.

Remember, the license and the program files are separate.

i’ve resolved the problem. Thanks

Would you please share what you did to resolve this? It may possibly help someone else in the future.


When I downloaded, it went onto my external backup drive by mistake and I didn’t realize it. After I downloaded, I moved my computer from my office to my studio without the backup drive. I didn’t realize it till the next day when I grabbed the external and connected it and there was the program. It’s up and running smoothly.