Elements 9.5 dither slot not remembered in Master Section presets

After installing Elements 9.5 discovered that dither settings are not remembered in Master Section presets…

My best!

I can’t reproduce a problem. Please tell me more exactly what happens.

Hi PG,
I still have Elements 9 installed, and at first I noticed that MS presets won’t load correctly on 9.5…it tends to move the dither plug in the plugin slot…
Then, in 9.5, creating a brand new preset and saving it in the MS menu, when loading it the plug in the dither slot is gone, not remembered.
I am on win 10…thanks a lot PG!

Removed Elements 9.1, reinstalled Elements 9.5 on Win 10-64. problem is still there with third party plugins (Waves L1 L2 latest version).
Saving MS preset and recalling it causes the Dither plug to disappear from the slot…

I can reproduce now. Will be fixed in next small update.

Thanks Philippe!