Elements 9 to 9.5 upgrade

I bought this upgrade through my Steinberg account and download and installed the 9.5 software.
I’ve been sent an activation code, but cannot get it to work in Control Centre.
The only license in there is the original version 9 one.

Any suggestions? Seems a little difficult to get this software registered at the best of times!


Elements 9.5 or … ? Upgrade would indicate moving up to Artist or Pro.

Assuming you actually meant “Update” as Scab above suggested (from Elements 9 to Elements 9.5), what was the exact error message(s) you received?

Hi, thanks for the replies.
Under my account in vouchers is this - Time-limited offer: Update to Cubase LE 9.5 for a special price!
It’s about £7 so why not!
When I put the activation code in it says ‘currently there is no licensE available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license’.

The voucher, if I understand you correctly, is to update Cubase Elements LE to version 9.5.

What is your current license for?
Maybe Cubase Elements 9?

Elements is not the same as Elements LE thus yoyu can’t update Elements 9 to Elements LE 9.5.

Make sure you have the latest eLicenser software installed and run maintenance.

The reason for my previous question was just to eliminate the possibility that you needed a USB-eLicenser.

Wait … does the offer really say “LE” and you have Elements? I think I’m starting to confuse myself.

Beat me to it …

Yeah, I’m confused too!!!
I have one product licensed and the license says elements 9, my desktop icon says Cubase LE AI Elements 9.
I assumed as it was an offer in my Steinberg account, then it would be appropriate to my current product!
The offer has LE on it, yes.

I might revive my old pc with windows 2k and Cubase 5 - it was a simpler time!

On the upside, my Halion has updated to include missing files!

Thanks guys for the assist!

You’re not the first to be confused by the program Icon labeling. Elements, AI and LE all use the same executable file and the License determines which bits of it are available, hence which version you actually have.

Sadly regardless of whether you have a license for Elements or the lower versions LE or AI the Program icon seems to be by default labelled LE AI Elements.

Yes, you’d also hope you’d get sent relevant offers but I know this isn’t always the case.

Glad it ended in your Halion content getting sorted anyway!

I bet I’m not!
Thanks for the help!