Elements and players questions

I’m demoing Pro now. But if I were to buy it I’d probably have to go with Elements because of $$
Anyway I know Elements is limited to 12 players. I know a player can play more than one instrument. How does this interact with flows, layouts etc? Can I have more than 12 players but remove some from flows, layouts, etc so that no more than 12 are active at a time?
Are there ways to “optimize” your players so you get the maximum out of them?

No, you can have only 12 players total. They certainly can hold multiple instruments!

And some libraries have multiple instruments in the same patch. So instead of 5 players for strings, You could have a single grand staff player with a full string section patch where different instruments play based on range. Not ideal - but an option.


Antkn33, obviously it’s your free choice which version you go for and I wouldn’t want you to feel pushed in any direction, but just in case you weren’t aware and it might be of use to you: if you would be cross-grading to Dorico from another notation software, at the moment (until the 16th Sept so not much longer!) there is a discount on the crossgrade price to Dorico Pro. The full details are here.

I’ve no financial or other benefit in saying so - and I understand the realities of money for sure. But if you can work through Sweetwater financing or whatever - you will not be sorry for the money spent on the Pro version.

Unfortunately I don’t own another notation product.
I’ll take a look at Sweetwater. Thanks