elements and Pro

I use 9.5 Pro on my PC, but I’m wondering if I could maybe run elements on my 5yo Macbook Air to work on stuff while travelling? Is elements easier on the computer, and can pro files be opened in elements?


We discussed the CPU usage of Cubase Pro vs Elements in the past. No one brought exact numbers, but it seems the applications are +/- the same.

Yes, you can open the Pro projects in Cubase Elements. But some functions (Pro only) will not be applied. Of course with Cubase Pro license on USB-eLicenser, you don’t need a new license. You can just plug the USB-eLicenser and start your Cubase Pro.

Alright, thaks martin, then I will try Pro on the Macbook too:)

…the only other limitation is obviously the number of tracks. I regularly open Pro projects in Elements on my LapTop though, works well.

If you have more tracks then the Elements limit is, the tracks will playback, but you can’t edit them.