Elements and REVerence

Hi all! I’m about to buy Elements, now playing with the trial version, but the only thing I miss from Cubase 5, is REVerence, can it be purchased separately?

Can I install the copy of Elements in my desktop and laptop computer? Or only one instance of the software…


Elements does not have REVerence. It only has Roomworks SE. I don’t think you can buy a license separately for REVerence. Elements uses a “soft license” which goes on the hard drive so you can effectively only install it on one computer at a time. You can move it but there is a process to go through and it would “deactivate” the previously installed license.

Or if you have a dongle you can put elements on that and you can use it anywhere.

Thanks for the answer guys!
So… now I’m not sure about buying it… I don’t have a dongle, this soft license should be checked by internet or something…

It is. You don’t HAVE to have the dongle. It just allows you to move the license from one machine to another in seconds. If you don’t want to use the dongle, You can just have the license installed on the hard drive. It is just not easy to move it (there is a process involved).