Elements File Browser very slow at first launch


I’m absolutely happy with Elements 7.1, the improvements were great (third track in Montage, Ducker and many other things - thanks a lot again!). The only thing is the File Browser, at first launch takes some 15 sec. to open, whyle in 7.0.1 was immediate (same PC).
Just a little glitch to report. Thank you!

I am aware this can happen. But this depends on the active path. The more files in it, the slower. This is something to optimized in the future.

Thank you PG, it works anyway, no big problem and 7.1 is fantastic!
My best

I was about to post a new topic, but I just found this one.

I’m glad to hear that the company is aware of and will optimize the File Browser (FB) in the future; the last two updates seem to have slowed down the FB’s opening time quite a lot; I swear Wavelab 7.0 opened almost-instantly compared to lately.

I can confirm that WL7 will open instantly if you close the FB first. But I use it constantly, so I have to live with the loading time.