Elements Upgrade

Hi, ma friends

In the Store you find this about the upgrade to Cubase Elements 10:

Cubase Elements 10 Update von Cubase Elements

There is no hint as to from what version this upgrade might be.
Please enlighten me…
Big K

I would think that it is the option to upgrade any previous version of Cubase Elements to Cubase Elements 10.

Regards :sunglasses:

That would be quite ok, but I’d really like to be sure on that, because I would not want to be force to buy
another upgrade to make it work. In this case from 9.0 (9.5?) to 10.
I mean, I also own 2 Cubase and 2 Nuendo licenses, but those eLicensers I’d rather keep at the studio where they are needed.
I use this Elements at home just for the occasional home fun quick works.
Cya, Big K

Does your version read „Cubase Elements“ and a number? Then the update is for you - that simple.

Would be nice.
They could label the upgrade: for all previous versions of Elements (e.g.) from 5 to present.
We’ll see.
Servus, Big K

Or put simple: „Update from Cubase Elements“, which means just that.
Apart from that there is no Cubase Elements 5. And it is an update, not an upgrade.

Ja,ja, scho klar…