Elements vs Pro detailed comparison

Hi,i’m an owner of Cubase 8.5 ad other Steinberg’s stuff.

I am considering Wavelab to have a good point to finalize my audio project, and have a “all in one” solution for mastering. I see THIS page for a comparison of software version, but it’s not detailed. I have some question:

  1. What is the plugin list?
  2. Audio Montage how is limited in the Elements version?
  3. Editor Audio is the same between the version? I mean the main section of editing
  4. Loudness analysis and normalizer there’s only on Pro version?
  5. MasterRig is the same?

A trial version is planned?

Thanks :smiley:

  1. Too long to type… but about 20 plugins more in Pro (and without counting batch plugins).
  2. Huge difference in feature scope. Too much to describe.
  3. Mostly the same, but no spectrum editing in Elements
  4. Only in pro
  5. Elements has a limited version