Elements VST Quick Controls Blocked

Can someone please confirm to me that Steinberg has disabled Elements from allowing some controller data to be recorded, or to connect using VST Quick Controls?

Specifically, I’ve tested various Nektar Impact controllers for a few months and the mod wheels connect fine to VST Quick Controls.

But for other controller features like knobs, Cubase Elements refuses to allow them to record data or to modify (“learn” and map) to VST Quick Controls, with the “R” and “W” selected, etc.

The knobs and controllers can definitely connect and even manipulate VSTs live, but recording seems to be blocked in Elements (other than mod wheels), and the connection to VST Quick Controls also seems to be blocked in Elements.

Because the mod wheels work but nothing else does, it seems to be that Cubase has blocked Elements from most MIDI controller data being recorded via a remote surface, which I really wish this info would have been forthright in Steinberg ads and documentation for Elements before I wasted my money on an incomplete product.


As far as I know, there is no limit. All MIDI CCs are available for Quick Controls.

Make sure the MIDI CC is not filtered out in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter, please.

Okay thanks. I did notice that there are no Track Quick Controls. But I appreciate your response about this other.

I’ll check those filters.