"Elena" by Zvyagintsev (2011)


“ELENA” by Zvyagintsev (2011) was partly made with NUENDO. Below list of layers and tasks which was share between NUENDO and ProTools.

  1. regathering 8-tracks session from FinalCut EDL with VirtualKaty in NUENDO 4
  2. export OMF for voice denoise and cleaning to ProTools.
    3.ADR recorded in ProTools and exported to OMF
    4.Choosing ADR takes and fine synchronization in NUENDO 4
    5.Denoise and cleaning voice tracks from direct sound OMF and ADR premix in ProTools 8.
    6.Denoise and cleaning remain tracks (live SFX, live BKG, live foley) from direct sound session in NUENDO 5.
    7.Studio foley recorded in ProTools 8 and exported to OMF.
    8.Foley synchronisation in NUENDO 4.
    9.Edit complete session (exclude voice tracks): all Direct Sound tracks,foley tracks, additional BKG and SFX tracks,music tracks in NUENDO 5.
    10.Final mix through Solid-State-Logic mixer with ProTools as DAW.