Elgato Stream Deck Question

Hello. Any users of Elgato Stream Deck here? How did you find it with Cubase or Nuendo? Can you apply for example the macros from Logical Editor to this deck? Iam thinking to buy it. Maybe Xl version or maybe not. So, please let me know your feelings regarding this device. Thanks :pray:

If you have a tablet (ie. iPad). You may want to have a look at Metagrid or Touch Portal first.

Much more customisable and cheaper.

However, I understand that some folks want physical buttons.

Just a suggestion. :grinning:

Thanks for your reply. I haven’t IPad honestly. So maybe it’s the reason why I’m thinking about Stream Deck

Again, not trying to sell you an iPad. But look at the cost of a tablet, iPad, Samsung etc. Compared to price of Streamdeck. Compare the uses of both. Just saying.

Yeah… maybe you are right… need to think about this. But seems that the price for IPad or Samsung is higher than Stream Deck. But it can be not just the deck… Metagrid is so cool btw?

Actually prices are similar, at least where I live. But with tablet you get benefit of many other applications and uses. However, not physical buttons like Streamdeck. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Will check Metagrid as well

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I have Stream Decks on my 3 N12 systems. I love them.

I don’t bother with he built in Nuendo instructions in Stream Deck but just assign hot keys so I’m just using the stream deck to trigger key commands in N12. I also have some multi action commands in stream deck that can add in timing delays.

Definitely go for the xl version. You can fill it pretty quickly. I have mine full of various pages and folders for various tasks like editing, mixing, labelling.

I actually have a large and small on each system and use one for mainly editing type tasks and the other for things like switching workspaces, changing monitor setups, favourite DOP processes etc.

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Seems that it is a power thing. Thanks for your comment!