Elicence is activated but no licence found in activational manager

i recently wanted to try out the 30 day trial of halion sonic se. When i entered the activational code in the elicencer control centre it showed an error message that the code cannot be used more than once. then i remembered that the day before i changed my OS. So i removed the elicencer control centre using installation helper and reactivated the licence and successfully activated the licence in elicence control centre but not time period was shown. But when i opened the activation manager it showed no licences found and also i didn’t receive any download access code to enter in my download manager. I really want to try out this trial version and can someone help me please?

Could you clarify? Halion Sonic SE is free, only the content might require a license.

I’m sorry pardon me yeah they are now accessible and successfully activated in elicenser but still those licences are not shown in activational manager that makes wonder what’s the use of activational manager when elicenser itself activates the licence. Only the iconica ensemble can be installed but when I install some other instrument eg. lofi piano it’s saying that I need a licence for each and every instrument. This is so frustrating since last time a friend of mine used to try out all the instruments he wanted by just installing them and didn’t;t need licence for any inst other than iconica and halion.

It’s really not clear what you’re saying.

Post a screenshot of the

  • Elicenser Control,
  • The Activation Manager, and the
  • Library Manager,

be sure all elements of the windows are visible in your screenshots.

eLicenser is the old licensing system. Steinberg Licensing is the new licensing system. At the moment. HALion, HALion Sonic and HALion add-ons are still on the eLicenser system. When the time comes to switch the HALion ecosystem to Steinberg Licensing (likely when HALion 7 is released), you will get a voucher for every product you own that doesn’t need a paid upgrade to migrate the licence from eLicenser to Steinberg Licensing.

Lo-Fi Piano has always needed a separate free licence.

Here are the screenshots