First of all, I have no idea where to put this because there is absolutely no indication whatsoever in this overcomplicated forum to put it. So if this is in the wrong place (which I’m sure it is). It’s your fault.

As you can probably see, I’m pretty angry right now. Because I’ve had to wait 2 weeks for this ridiculous little USB stick to arrive in order to use a completely different app that has nothing to do with this company. And so far I’ve wasted half of my only day off work trying to get this stupid invention to work. So yes, I’m rightfully angry!

Now that I’ve finished my rant. Here is the problem
“A connection to the license server could not be established” And here’s the best part “Please check your internet connection!”
Really??? That’s all the advice the app is going to give me?

Fix your app please. I’ve spent over £600 on my product and I want to use it!

Solved via the support ticket submitted.