elicencer blocks VST32 licenced copy

I installed C6 … installed Frameworks 2… got it all running. on XP … elicencer has now shut off VST32 vers 5.2 access.
I still use VST32 . a lot. …elicencer has stopped me starting it up …

because it’s a dongle copy protected program. not usb stick… there has been some error.
I registered VST on “mysteinberg” … but my Elicence stick cannot register it.

what is the proper way to get this all working… there is no information about this glitch.

because it’s a dongle copy protected program. not usb stick… there has been some error.
I registered VST on “mysteinberg” … but my Elicence stick cannot register it.

It is possible to transfer the licence from the Parallel Port Dongle to a USB one, but I’m not sure what you mean by the above.

What happens if you take out the USB dongle before booting your computer with the VST/32 Parallel Port dongle attached ?

I have VST32/5 too but it’s on a separate computer so I haven’t run into your problem.

what I have discovered is I have to transfer the licence from the dongle to the usb stick, OK…

Looks like you posted your reply the same time as me :slight_smile:

So you have it sorted out now I take it ?

OH yeah , I figured out I will have to transfer the Dongle Licence to the USB key …

well , I wish steinberg would make this simple…

I read a lot ,

I downloaded eCCL 5.02.4 , which is the earlier version that still connects the LPT port… & installs the drivers
OK , the program shows the old Blue Lock with VST32 on it…

but as soon as I plug in the USB stick… the connection with the old LPT dongle is lost…
& it no longer shows up in the licence list.

starting the program with both keys connected just sees the USB stick

then I start up the latest version of eCCL 6.2, 1509 … & it wont’ see the LTP dongle but sees the USB stick,

I followed the instructions… I found on the transfering licences… but this is where I’m stuck

here’s the error message

as soon as I pug in the USB stick key… I lose connection with the LTP key

Application ‘LCC’ has caused the following error:
Connection to protection device lost.

here’s the link I followed


now I find another log ,m, where it was successful with 98 running…
so I’m setting up a 98 operating system to check this…

Steinberg… you’ve really got me whacked. ~!
I have wasted so much time on this conversion process.

From the knowledge base article :-

After the transfer is completed the printer port dongle is empty. Since it is now inoperable it can be disposed. A license transfer to the printer dongle is not possible

So if you’ve already used the transfer wizard, then you’re out of luck being able to use the old dongle anymore.

I think the issue is that he has been unable to transfer the license as he cannot see both dongles at the same time.


Yes, that thought occurred to me after I’d posted, was waiting to see if the OP replied again.

thanks for your input so far… I’m setting up a PC with 98 on it… XP doesnt’ allow it …
be back here to tell all…

Assuming you mean the LPT dongle, my second DAW is a multiple boot setup using hidden partitions, and both USB & LPT dongles work under Win98, W2K Pro & XP Pro.

this is where the LCC sees the LPT port
with registered licence on VST
when I plug in the USB licencer
the LTP dongle goes off line.
when I renew the registry , the LTP dongle has gone

new- 4.jpg
after the crash . I cancel
& get a second message
when I remove the USB stick elincencer

the LTP port is again scan ned & visible.

Now i’m at my limit with this problem…
Steinberg didn’t address this LACK of AFTER SALES SERVICE Problem
& so many VST users are floundering around like me.

some got lucky & found the right combination
I have yet to try the win 98 machine that I’m reviving just for this one thing.


I reinstalled drivers… roll them back … updated them … etc etc…
after reinstalling LCC & elcc … BOTH keys showed up !>… in LCC
I managed to get as far as almost a transfer… DOH !>

error message.
new-9 a.jpg
I am just one error away from getting this to actually work !..

Sorry to hear you’re having so much grief :smiling_imp:

Sounds like you’re almost there though, good luck !