Elicencer needs to be reinserted on boot issue

I have a Windows 7 64bit installation on BootCamp on a Mac Pro 8 core (2008 model).
When I boot into windows and start Cubase it says there is no licence and quits. If I plug out and plug back in the Elicencer USB dongle and restart Cubase all is fine. This is the case until I reboot the machine and then I need to do the same again.

The USB Dongle does the same thing whether its straight into any of the Mac Pro ports or a USB hub
I’ve tried plugging out all USB devices except the elicencer but the problem persists
The same Dongle works without the boot issue on another PC running windows
If I boot the Mac Pro into MAC OSX and load Cubase there the dongle works

Is this a known BootCamp issue? I’m on boot camp 3.2. I think theres a version 4 for Lion - might there be a fix there?

I’m not sure where I can ask for support for the USB Elicencer - can someone direct me to a tech support or dedicated forum

(My reason for dual booting this machine is to get Direct Monitoring facilities in Cubase and have the OSX installation cleanly run my ProTools HD rig - best of both worlds scenario. For the record, besides the dongle issue, Cubase on Windows 7 under boot camp runs exceptionally well for me currently. )