eLicencer number

In order to keep support on my PC I upgraded to Win 10. I went through the whole thing of putting in the activation code that came with the software (Cubase Elements 8) but I get a message that says I have to be issued a new eLicencer number. Where the hell do I get it? Do they send it via email? I put in a help request three days ago and no reply. Can anybody help? Am I the only dumbass having this problem. Excuse the language, I’m 63 years old and I don’t need this BS.
BTW it was working fine with Win 7.

ich verstehe kein wort deines geschrieben. :smiley:

Ja, das scheint Ausländisch zu sein oder sowas. Keine Ahnung.

Ich hab heut noch keine gute Tat…
Awer ihr dürft nich üwer mei Denglisch lachn! :blush:
Log in at your ‘my steinberg’-account, there you easy can start a re-activation of your soft-eLicenser.