eLicencer USB key

I have bought a new USB key
I dont have the activation code (32 digits) in the box with the Key.
Did someone can help me?
Thanks in advance!

I recommend you give detailed information on what you are trying to do, so that you can be helped properly.

When I open eLincencer control they ask me the activation code
------- (32 digits)

If you bought a USB eLicenser, it does not come with any licences. What did you buy, exactly?

My friend bas bought the licence …
This is an extension of this licence …
I have all the information (download acces code) ….

In that case, install and load Steinberg Download Manager, then enter the Download Access Code. If the Download Access Code is unused, you will get whatever is the latest version of the product, which probably will not be on eLicenser (for example, a Cubase 11 Pro licence will activate Cubase 13 Pro on Steinberg Licensing).

We want working with cubase 10 pro …

My friend bas bought the software 2 years ago!

If the Download Access Code is used, you’ll activate Cubase 13 Pro. That licence will work with Cubase 12 Pro, but not earlier versions. eLicenser will not be used.

The only way to get a Cubase 11 Pro or earlier licence now is to buy a second-hand licence that has already been activated - unused Download Access Codes will activate the latest version (currently Cubase 13 Pro).

I will call the store because they told me that this is you need to do what you want …
Thanks you!

Sorry, but you weren’t clear in what you have and what you are trying to do.

If you have a license for Cubase 10, you will have a eLicenser as well.

It is much older. And if he bought the full version, it comes with a USB eLicenser already.

If you own the product, it should be no problem.
You need to be clear about your current situation.

This is what I need!

I speaker french, so the instruction was in French
The last picture is the code that I need to activate

It is not the same code of the software that my friend bought 2 years ago.

What exact version of Cubase are you talking about?

Your friend bought it 2 years ago and now you want to transfer the license, or do you think that you can share the same license on two different USB-eLicensers, or … ?

Very confusing.

One way or another, purchasing an empty USB-eLicenser does not grant you any licenses.

If your friend bought Cubase years ago and activated it, this code is already used. It is a one time code, and it ever was.

Really? Not sure what you are trying to do.
What is your intention?

I repeat, as I and others are still unable to understand what you need: I recommend you explain with detail what you are trying to do. Not only that you are trying to enter a code, but the whole story:

-Your friend purchased C10 years ago. Did he install it? Was there an usb key with it?
-What code are you trying to enter? You say it is not the code of your friend’s C10.

I think it’s clear what’s happening here…