eLicenosr 3rd party licenses gone

I have read help and went thru maintenance, recover, refresh database, re-activate and re-registering my dongles to mysteinberg all dont result in my licenses being visible in my account.

Also eLicensor software on each host pc doesnt see any other usb dongle except local usb key and its existing Vienna and Korg licenses on each usb key (no Steinberg software). All local existing licenses are visible on each locally but there is no sync between keys and none of my 3rdparty licenses are shown in all or online.

Windows 10 pro 64bit
1xlogicEXS key
1xKorg key
1xgeneric dark blue key

I have of course tried re-registering my activation codes but they are already shown as activated.

Please advise how to get them all registered in the mysteinberg cloud Im concerned my dongles will die they are getting on now.

First, the Logic key has nothing to do with the eLicenser technology at all and thus won’t show up anywhere in our system.
MySteinberg itself is only for Steinberg related licenses and only our licenses will show up in your account. Any Korg or other third party license won’t.

Not sure what you mean with “no sync between keys”? All USB-eLicenser based licenses are local licenses stored on that particular USB-eLicenser. The eLicenser Control Center which is installed with most USB-eLicenser based products shows the content of the connected USB-eLicenser(s). The activation codes to download a license can only be used once.

It sounds like everything is correct. Just keep in mind that there is no MySteinberg cloud and these are all local licenses.

Thanks for prompt reply. Yes I guess if there is no license sync in the cloud except for Steinberg products then it is all correct.

If I may give some feedback: It seems that us the owners/users of eLicensor as a product on its own are falling in-between the cracks in this regard. Wouldnt it make more sense to have ALL licenses synced with mysteinberg since steinberg is eLicensor.

Who else is going to manage codes when our usb key dies containing 3rd party licenses when those companies arent interested, no longer on that scheme or are ceased business?

Are we really on our own with those licenses?

Also I had an un-expired Nuendo demo license that wasnt synced. Why is that?

Regarding the EXS key: Ive been using it as a EXS/syncrosoft key for years. If you remember towards the end of the windows version there were syncrosoft compatible keys issued by emagic. I believe it has a separate EXS partition or something because neither licenses show up in the other. So my next question is should I be getting my licenses off that key (of which are all 3rd party) and who is going to re-issue codes for things like my gigasudio 4 license if Steinberg wont? I think Korg also have changed schemes.

A unified platform would be great but this never happened unfortunately. As long as these companies using the eLicenser technology are in business, it is up to them how to manage licenses and the loss of a license. We introduced the Steinberg Zero Downtime for our licenses and I guess if one of these companies went out of business which hopefully never happens, it’s upon them or us to cover for that somehow.

Not sure what you mean with the Nuendo license that wasn’t synced. Synced with what exactly?

The EXS key has never been supplied by us or Syncrosoft. That’s a question for Apple.
Korg changed the protection scheme but they surely offer customers to switch if needed.

  1. If i buy a new dongle from steinberg and want to move my gigastudio 4, korg legacy digital and analog collective, vienna ensemble pro collective licenses to it do i just remove them from the old key. And enter my old activation codes 8nto the new key?

This concerns me because there is nowhere on elicensors records for these licenses they may just dissappear. What if Tascam says they have removed their database for gigastudio?

  1. Nuendo 6 and 6 5 demo licenses present on 2 of my dongles doesnt get synced to mysteinberg online. It says there are no steinberg licenses present. So buying a new dongle would result in their loss. I still have over 250hrs in each.

Just connect both dongles to the computer and drag and drop the licences within the elicences app from one dongle onto the other. Activation codes don’t work anymore.
I never had Demos in my Account, only real licences.