eLicense error - Connection to protection device lost. "Audio Alignment Component"

I purchased a new PC and I’m having issues getting my DAW set up correctly. When I open C11, I get eLicense error - Connection to protection device lost. “Audio Alignment Component”

It hangs from that point and never initializes.


Make sure you are Cubase 11 Pro license owner, please. If yes, try to update eLCC application, please and trigger Maintenance.

I’m moving a working system from one hardware to another. The only difference is the hardware. I have the same drivers in both old and new.

When I open the eLicense app it is sometimes slow to read it on the new hardware. This does not happen on the old hardware. With the app open and the Cubase splash page loading, I see the dongle vanish in the eL app. When this happens the errors happen. Sometimes it loads normally. I’m getting Safe Mode dialogs often. The old hardware does not do this.
New hardware is Dell XPS 8940 i7. When Cubase loads it seems stable so far. I just have this intermittent issues with the protection/dongle during initialization. The dongle is in a USB3 port. I reinstalled the eL app a few times from the latest on the website.

I’m on 20H2 with latest system drivers on a fresh build.


This might be quite tricky…

In this case, I would recommend to uninstall eLCC completely (even manual deletion of the specific files) and install eLCC again as administrator.

I tried that before asking for help and after. Perhaps the problem is more generic.
I happened to notice that in addition to my dongle appearing and disappearing within the elicense app, I am also seeing appearing and disappearing Motu Midi port.

I also noticed that if I use the stand alone application for Groove Agent or Halion, I do not see this protection key issue, Very interesting! Sometimes Cubase Pro 11 sees my Motu and sometimes it does not.
I installed most of my Steinberg products on my 20H2 laptop, and things went very good. So, I have two systems working now, my old DAW and my laptop.
On the new DAW, If I keep clicking Retry on the failure dialog window, it eventually gets access and lets me in. This is not a reliable situation for the new DAW. It would seem that my dongle, which is quite old (gen 1), is working correctly.
I did notice that WinX home is installed but I prefer Pro. I may nuke the image and start over, if we can’t fix this quickly.

I just noticed that on my new DAW Cubase does see incoming MIDI data. BUT, the VSTi do not.

Again, If I utilize the stand alone app, the VSTi does see the MIDI data. Very interesting problem…

Yes, I did assign the MIDI port in the channel inspector for each VSTi. Sometimes when I attempt this, the Motu is listed and sometimes not listed.

On the new DAW, I am now seeing missing ports to my Ui24R. Not all but only some inputs are missing.
I am beginning to suspect driver issues interfacing with the latest Dell chipset as the issue. This is a Dell XPS 8940 built two weeks ago. I am on the Dell original OS image on 20H2 and fully updated for all drivers, dell and winX.

Dell remoted into my PC and they can’t fix it either. They are sending me a new unit.

I had the same issue, I have a gen. 1 dongle also. The problem was the usb port. Use a USB 2 port, not USB 3


Or buy a new USB-eLicenser and transfer the license to the new one, please.

This PC only has two non USB3 port. I tried the USB2 normally used for keyboard and mouse. I have the same issue on the USB2 port. I think you are on the right track however. USB is supposed to be backward compatible.
I did a fresh install on a second drive, but have the same issue booting on that drive.

When the replacement unit arrives my plan is to move the SSD from new 8940 machine to the replacement 8940 machine.

I will also purchase a newer dongle, just in case.

My new dongle fixed this problem. It seems USB3 is not fully compatible with USB1.

I have been meaning to, just been too lazy.