eLicense error

Every time I attempt to boot Spectral Layers, I get a message stating that the application does not have a valid license, whereupon it opens the eLicenser app instead. Upon rebooting in opens without issue and works fine. Happens every time! To be clear, I paid for Spectral Layers in full, and it is properly licensed! My eLicenser application is up to date and maintenance procedures are current. This has become a real headache and time suck for me, and particularly due to the high cost of this application I’m not at all happy about it!
Spectral Layers license error.png

What’s your eLicenser version ? Can you update to the latest and let me know if you still have the same issue ?

Some people seems to have this issue with Cubase as well (GetInfo error), maybe you’ll find some tips there: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=160917

I used to have this issue as well but it seemed to disappear when I upgraded to the latest eLicenser. Or maybe try putting the eLicenser dongle in a different USB port ?

I had already made sure to update to the very latest version of eLicenser (and running “Maintenance” yet again) before making this report. It did not solve the issue. The version is I have tried just a couple of different USB ports without success, but none are really ideal, since I have every port filled with important devices, including multi-port expanders. I have had severe eLicenser issues with Cubase 10.5 (but not so much in 10.0) to the point where I have not even been able to successfully open it at all. But I’m not presently able to upgrade my Mac Pro beyond High Sierra, so I’ve been assuming that that is the problem with Cubase 10.5. But Spectral Layers claims to be compatible with Sierra and High Sierra. I’ll check out the tips. Thanks!


ever thought about that the key can have a problem (technically and / or mechanically)?

My key always works flawlessly in Cubase Pro 10.0.40. It also always displays all of my licenses within the eLicenser application. So the evidence suggests that key failure is unlikely.