eLicense problem for second computer

I’ve installed the cubase on my PC, and run smoothly with the eLicenser, with serail number inputted. Now I install it on my laptop, but after I plug in the eLicenser, the laptop did not recognize that it is an eLicenser with a serial number, and keep on asking me to re-input a serial number; even worth, when I re-input the serial number provided in the box, the program said that the number is already used and reject me. The 25hr count down continued.

I checked the Steinberg website, which says that eLicense, with a serial number inputted, should authorize any computer with it attached, which is clearly not my case. On the other side, the website also says that I cannot re-input a serial number after the first serial number is inputted.

So I’m stuck here. What should I do?


If you are using UBS-eLicenser, you should just plug it in, and it should work (after installation of eLCCC, of course). No Activation needed.

Make sure, it’s connected to USB2, and make sure, you have the very latest eLCC version, please.

If you are using Soft-eLicenser, you cannot switch from one computer to another one, and back. You need to Reactivate.