ELicense Problem- please help!

Hi there,

I purchased Cubase AI last year and never really got around to using it and after a while I uninstalled it. Now I’ve got the recording bug again but am unable to re-install due to an issue with my old e-license number which is causing a conflict with me re-activating and I can’t get a new e-license number. I registered the product with Steinberg and have sent them a support request form and I am hoping I will get a new e-license number from them? Will this be the case? If any one could help or shed some light on this I would be most grateful. Thanks

The new number will show in LCC. You use it at MySteinberg to re-auth and then use the Steinberg generated # to download a new license.

Hey Mashed,

Thanks for the response. I’ve tried to activate and re-activate my license but it’s a bust so far. My old license number just won’t budge. Am I missing something that’s hidden in plain sight? :slight_smile: If I’m unable to get a new license number on my own steam will Steinberg will send me a new one? Cheers Simon

There’s an article at eLicense that tells you how to install LCC in overwrite mode. Try that and see if it spits a new #.

Hey Mashed,

Tried the overwrite but to no avail. Would returning my PC to factory settings do the trick? I still haven’t heard back from Steinberg but do you know if I will get a response from them? Many thanks for your help in this matter so far; I hope it can be resolved somehow.

Did you send the e-mail to info@steinberg.de with reauth in the title explaining the issue? Did you use the installer for LCC from the disk and not the latest?