Elicense too old

I have 2 computers. The original one (windows 7 ) has cubase 7 on it, I want to add that cubase 7 to the new computer. (Windows 10) so i can take my projects with me. I FINALLY finished with the download/update when i get “Elicenser is too old”. My question is. IF i update to latest elicenser will i still be able to use the original computer I had it on?

This means that the installed version of the eLicenser Control Center software is too old. You can run the Steinberg Download Assistant to keep both the eLicenser Control Center and the new Steinberg Activation Manager updated on the new computer.

This wont affect Cubase 7 on your old computer. It will continue to work the same as always for as long as your USB-eLicenser dongle is connected to it.

Note that Cubase 8 was the first Cubase version to be certified to work on Windows 10. Cubase 7 should still work, but there could be a few new bugs.

If you ever update to a new Cubase version, please update the eLicenser Control Center on the old computer and run Maintenance Tasks. This will allow you to continue using Cubase 7.